5L Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 4 Hours Battery

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1. Larger Oxygen Flow
2. 50% Increase in Oxygen Supply
3. Big Touch Screen Friendly for Old People
4. Battery Time up to 4 hours
(Extra battery bank can work up to 14 hours - Optional )
5. Mobile Phone Remote Control Friendly for Outside

Warranty: 5 Years Warranty (New machine replacement if failures within 365 days)

Larger Flow

Portable Oxygen Concentrator


50% Larger Flow

SG adopts the newest pulse flow design. It can deliver a 50% larger oxygen flow than the old POC. SG can better meet the higher oxygen demand of outside activities.

Full of Vitality

With a larger oxygen supply, we are capable of more daily activities with less effort. Relaxed travel and more exercise could help us get a better lung recovery and a higher quality of life.

Why need a larger flow outside?

The oxygen demand varies in different activities. It will increase from 20% to 50% higher than sitting quietly at home.

However, the old portable oxygen machine delivers oxygen based on sitting quietly at home, which will cause silent hypoxia. It will damage our organs and limit our activity ability as time goes by.

Oxygen Flow Chart

Oxygen Concentration: 90% + 5% / - 3% at all settings (Medical Grade)

The old-generation portable oxygen machine delivers an average of 210 milliliters per gear.

The new-generation portable oxygen concentrator delivers an average of 330 milliliters per gear.

The new device delivers 50% more oxygen at each flow gear.

Temporary emergency response

In emergency situations, it will activate an extra 20% oxygen production capacity to guarantee enough oxygen supply. But it will shorten the lifespan of the device.

It's prepared for unexpected situations. Please do not activate it in non-emergency situations.

Safety with a Larger Oxygen Flow POC

With a larger oxygen supply, no matter whether at home or outside, we can get enough oxygen. we no longer need to worry about the invisible hypoxia caused by increased activity outside.

With a larger oxygen flow POC, keep our health at safety all the time.

Three Options for Battery time: 4 hours / 8 hours / 14 hours

Option 1: Standard Battery - up to 4 hours

Option 2: Two Standard Batteries - up to 8 hours

Option 3: Extra Battery Bank - up to 14 hours


Flow Rate Standard Battery Two Batteries Extra Battery Bank 
1 4 Hours 8 Hours 14 Hours
2 3 Hours 6 Hours 10.5 Hours
3 2 Hours 4 Hours 7.5 Hours
4 1.5 Hours 3 Hours 5.3 Hours
5 1.2 Hours 2.4 Hours 4.2 Hours

Fast Charging: 1 Hour

Both Car Power and Electricity Power

The standard battery can be charged fully in just one hour both by home power and car power.

It not only supports charging while using but also supports charging an extra battery fast with another car power cord directly.

The fast charging has us released from worry and tedious preparation work. We can start a trip at any time. If it's a car trip, we don't have to worry about batteries running out anymore.

Mobile Phone Control

Specially Designed for Outside - Enjoy Freedom with Ease


We can control everything on our mobile phones directly. We don't need to take off the bag and press the buttons of the machine as old POCs.

Besides, we can view our breath conditions, oxygen supply, and battery remaining time to arrange our schedule freely.

No matter whether we are in a wheelchair or on the bed or anywhere in the house, everything will be simple by just touching the phone.

Invisible Sunglasses Nasal Cannula (Optional)

No Tubes on Our Face

By wearing sunglasses nasal cannula, there will be no more tubes on our faces. It effectively solved the friction between the oxygen tube and the face and ear during long-term oxygen therapy.

When we go outside, people will no longer see someone on oxygen, but rather the vibrant person we really are. It can be equipped with myopia lenses, presbyopia lenses, and astigmatism lenses.

Just go anywhere you want to go.

Standard Accessories


1 to 3 LPM oxygen prescription, recommend a 5L portable oxygen concentrator.

4 to 5 LPM oxygen prescription, recommend a 7L portable oxygen concentrator.

PS: A portable oxygen machine extends oxygen therapy outside and improves the quality of life by providing convenience. Please do not rely on it to save lives in critical situations.




Oxygen Purity

90%+ 5%/-3% (Medical Grade)

90%+ 5%/-3% (Medical Grade)

Oxygen Flow

1 to 5 Pulse Flow
Larger Oxygen Dosages( increase to 330ml per stage, 50% higher of old POCs' 210ml)

1 to 7 Pulse Flow
0.5 to 2.5 Liters Continuous Flow

Battery Time

Standard battery up to 4 Hours
(Optional external battery can support work up to 14 Hours)

Standard battery up to 7 Hours

Charging Time

1 Hours Fast Charging

4 to 5 Hours


7.32 in x 3.54 in x 8.07 in
(18.6 cm x 9 cm x 20.5 cm)

8.2 in x 11.8 in x 14.9 in
(21 cm x 30 cm x 38 cm)


5 lbs (2.28 kgs)

14 lbs (6.35 kg)


One-year Replacement

Two Years Warranty

Two Years Warranty




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