5L Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 4 Hours Battery

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  • 50% Larger Oxygen Flow than small POCs
  • Big Touch Screen Friendly for the Elderly
  • Mobile Phone Remote Control Friendly for Outside Use
  • With One Battery (up to 4 hours)
  • 1 Hour Fast Charging by Car and Home Power
Warranty: 5 Years (New machine replacement if failures within 365 days)

SG02L - Your Ideal Portable Oxygen Concentrator

How the pulse flow settings equal to continuous flow

Many clients are wondering how the pulse flow settings equal to continuous flow. The following formula might be helpful for you to understand:

Our bodies naturally inhale and exhale at rest in a 1:2 ratio. This means we inhale in 1/3 time. Under the model of 1-liter continuous flow, we only inhaled 1/3 oxygen (333ml) in one minute. Because pulse flow only deliver oxygen when inhale. So the pulse flow can be same effect as 1LPM by delivering that add up to 333ml oxygen in one minute of inhalation time. If pulse flow want to be equal to 2LPM, 3LPM, 4LPM and 5LPM, directly use 333ml multiply by a multiple.

Trade-off & Visible Effect:

To be lighter and have a longer battery time, old portable oxygen concentrators sacrificed oxygen dosage, reducing the dose from 333ml per pulse flow setting to 210ml. The difference may not be noticeable when the user's illness is mild. As the disease progresses and the need for oxygen increases, it becomes apparent that patients feel a lack of oxygen. There are many customers with illnesses that develop to moderate have reported this situation.

When designed the portable oxygen concentrator SG02L, we sacrificed weight and battery time and took sufficient oxygen (333ml/gear) as the core feature. Although SG02L will be 0.3 kg to 0.4 kg heavier, the treatment performance is better. It can reach truly effect of 1LPM to 5LPM, meeting the needs of different conditions. We think safety and reliability are more crutial for our clients. We believe that such a sacrifice is worth it.

Questionaire before Order:

Can we ask whether you buy it for family members or for personal?

If you buy for a family member, may I ask how old he is? What respiratory disease does he suffer from? How many liters of oxygen does he need right now?

The oxygen concentrator is used for health and life. The demand may vary in different situations. Usually, we need more oxygen in our daily activities, outdoor activities, and travel than sitting at home. Besides, your family member might need more oxygen as time goes by. We must consider them.

After receiving your reply, we will determine which model suits you give you our professional suggestions.

Model: SG02L
Oxygen Concentration: 90% + 5% / - 3% at all settings (Medical Grade)
Breath RatePulse Flow Settings
1526 ml44 ml66 ml89 ml112 ml
2020 ml33 ml50 ml67 ml84 ml
3013 ml22 ml33 ml44 ml56 ml
4010 ml16 ml25 ml33 ml42 ml
mL/breath ± 15% per ISO 80601-2-67
Total Volume per Min (ml/min)400660100013401680

To facilitate customers to monitor their blood oxygen saturation anywhere and anytime and know the status of their oxygen therapy, Lovego has integrated an oximeter into the machine. You can monitor SPO2 anytime and anywhere.

Battery Time / Battery Duration
Flow SettingsTotal volume per minute (ml/min)Standard BatteryExtra Battery
1400 ml4 hours8 hours
2660 ml3 hours6 hours
31000 ml2 hours4 hours
41340 ml1.5 hours3 hours
51680 ml1.2 hours2.4 hours
Standard Battery Charging Time:
● Takes 1 hour to fully charge when the machine is off.
● When the machine is in use, it can take between 1 and 6 hours to fully charge, depending on the flow settings.

Smartphone App Control — Specifically Designed for Outdoor Enjoyment
A mobile app enables wireless control of all settings directly from your smartphone without needing to manipulate the device itself.

Specifically, the app allows you to:

  • Adjust flow rate based on activity level or symptoms
  • Monitor your respiratory condition and oxygen supply levels in real-time
  • View the remaining battery level to better plan usage and recharging

No matter where you are - whether seated in a wheelchair, resting in bed, or anywhere else - you can easily adjust settings and monitor your status with just a tap on your phone. This offers much more flexibility and accessibility than having to manually operate the device.
Overall, wireless smartphone control provides greater freedom, convenience, and confidence when using your portable concentrator outdoors and on the go.

Invisible Sunglasses Nasal Cannula (Optional)

Specialized sunglasses with built-in nasal tubing allow you to receive oxygen without any visible tubes on your face.

Package Contents

Oxygen concentrator unit

Packaging box


Standard adapters

Car power adapters


Oxygen tube

Comprehensive user manual


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